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Meanwhile, in 1991…

Man, that felt good. On a whim, I downloaded Super Mario Land on Virtual Console last night – and that puppy is still a belter! The platform stages are perfect (the bit where you ride a rolling rock was revolutionary … Continue reading

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Games Go Vinyl!

News can be slow to reach us here in GRiG Towers, ensconced, as we are, in our veritable fortress surrounded by the latest and greatest security features. I’ll still defend our choice to shut out the world – prompted as … Continue reading

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Twenty Years. TWENTY!!!

An ass-whupping, yesterday This is it! This is the moment that I defeated Ganon! After TWENTY years! Yep, I figure I was 14 when I first started playing through Zelda. Many times I made it to the Dark World – … Continue reading

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3DS? More like Speedy Mess… Ashasha

So you crazy kids… she’s here! The first new console in a year… And well done to the eBay seller lady who beat her own postage estimate by three days to ensure it got to me before the weekend. I’m … Continue reading

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Yes, nearly five years after downloading it, I’ve FINALLY COMPLETED BRAID!! Wooooooohooooo!! The final two puzzle pieces seemed honestly beyond me last time I picked up a pad to play Jonathan Blow’s indie classic. And happy though I was back … Continue reading

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Etymology Makes Me Feeeeeeel Good

Well, does it get more awesome? Of course, we already knew Ghostbusters was a hotbed of catchphrase creativity. “You’ve… you’ve earned it.” “That’s a big Twinkie” “No, you are being moved off campus.” You know, all the classics. But who … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Tech News…

New CoD split screen mode invented. Perfect timing for Sunday, when there will be some CoD action. Course, someone may need to remind me that I don’t need a cardboard head-roof when playing at home alone. But damn it I … Continue reading

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Friends Like These

So how’s THIS for crazy – it’s been 10 years since the last episode of Friends. Whaaaaat?!? I can’t believe it’s even been ten years since the FIRST episode of friends, and yet somehow it’s been 10 years since the … Continue reading

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Sonic’s Overweight Cousin

Now here’s an interesting one. Of course, we all remember Rocket Knight Adventures, and that it was a quality title. But I don’t remember it as being a stone cold classic (because actually, I can’t even remember what it’s like … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Japan.

Just posting this as a message back to Good Historical Us-es – don’t worry that you thought you were good at Street Fighter and then got whupped by some Guile-sonc-boom-throwing Chinese dude on the Pier. It can happen to anyone. … Continue reading

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