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Edmond Pangs of Guilt

. I mean, good job Edmond Pang. Nice graphics and retro-synth music backing for your little video here. But rootin-tootin Jeebus, if you’re going to spend days creating something then surely you’d find five minutes for a quick spelling and … Continue reading

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Pixels huh

We love pixelly goodness here at the GRiG, but what about in the movies? Well wreck it Ralph had some, but was mostly hi res 3d models, it was about the arcade world though, paying homage to the good old … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni – The AdMen Cometh

Oh, happy day! More Ni No Kuni wonderfulness has been thrust unto the world by those wonderful chaps at Level 5. This time, they’re teasing us with bite-size nuggets of advertising-tastic video-marvellousness. Enjoy!

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Ni No Kuni Spellbook, Subtitles and US Release Title Confirmed!

As November’s Japanese launch date looms ever closer, Ni No Kuni news is coming thick and fast – and most of it concerning the western release! Firstly, there’s the name. Following GRiGORiG breaking the news that Level 5 had lodged … Continue reading

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We Love You Level 5!

This has been a week of rejoicing here at GRiG Towers. The new Minecraft 1.8 update is out, and ever more wonderful; rumours are flying that the most bodacious of all arcades, Daytona, is getting a next-gen release; and we’ve … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni IN ENGLISH! (Sort of…)

Hurrah for bokuwaiaindesu, who has given us our first glimpse of a translated Ni No Kuni with this subtitled trailer. While the quality of the video isn’t fantastic, it’s great to understand more of Level 5’s plans for their wonderful … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni – Now With Added Jokes

As if the magic of Ni No Kuni could possibly get greater – now Level 5 have released a vid showing a brand new idea for a sub-game in their upcoming PS3 delight: stand-up comedy! This little routine is apparently … Continue reading

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Ten, Ten, Here We Go Again… Sonic CD!

Well my mighty groons, there was nothing but joy at Grig Towers when we heard the news that Sonic CD is getting a re-release! Of course, that won’t be news to all the wonderful retro-fans out there – but how … Continue reading

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Is It Safe To Be A Geek Anymore?

Everything’s changed for the nerd. Where once the humble superfan could happily spend a life ensconced in their own bubble, with nothing but their addiction and a tightly chosen cabal of likeminded freaks for company, nowadays geekiness is an entirely … Continue reading

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lartens favorite e3 bits so far, in short, shoulda really done some revision, eeeek

Well well well, what do we have here, minecraft on the xbox? apparently using kinect, that seems like it might be a bit of a slow game, there was pretty much nothing on the details, just that it was happening, … Continue reading

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