grigorig.com is a central hub for a few friends to post something about an article or blog post they found interesting so that the others can check it out also.

These posts are primarily focused around video game related news, but may also include technology, music, reviews or random geekness, who knows. If you have arrived here without knowing any of us, the chances are you don’t care, though if you find an article interesting or helpful why not rate it while you are here or add us to your rss feed. You can always remove us later. ^_^

The name Grig Orig comes from the legendary Panzer Dragoon Saga, which is still one of the most active high priced retro games on ebay. Lartens and Dibbs ahoy remember the day release at Electronics Boutique, each with our own copy in hand as one of the store clerks tells somebody down the phone that they have it in stock, then retracting those words, as we had the last available copies. Hehe. Good times. ^_^

Bedgell however never even finished zelda: a link to the past, he is currently excluded from the cool gang until he finishes his quest :p

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