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Etymology Makes Me Feeeeeeel Good

Well, does it get more awesome? Of course, we already knew Ghostbusters was a hotbed of catchphrase creativity. “You’ve… you’ve earned it.” “That’s a big Twinkie” “No, you are being moved off campus.” You know, all the classics. But who … Continue reading

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Don’t Cross The Streams Mr Lipson! (Oh, OK. Do…)

Hurrah for completely insane Mad Professors! Without them, there’d be no Frankenstein, no flux capacitors, and definitely no Weird Science-style creation of hot 80s chicks with Commodore-designed mega-boobs! (though admittedly, although they tinkered with Kelly LeBrock’s tonkers, they were actually … Continue reading

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Murray Halts Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray has fessed up to being the spanner in the Ghostbusters 3 works, and it seems production could already be underway if he were to get his slime-stopping act in gear. But could it be a good thing? It … Continue reading

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