Meanwhile, in 1991…

Man, that felt good. On a whim, I downloaded Super Mario Land on Virtual Console last night – and that puppy is still a belter! The platform stages are perfect (the bit where you ride a rolling rock was revolutionary and is still pretty good!), the music is brilliant (as well as the obvious themes, stage 2 is SO good – in fact, I’m gonna put that below too – and of course, the happy riff in this end music above is one of the all time greats), the graphics are classic Game Boy cute and… whaddya know, I went and completed that bad boy in one sitting.

It’s not a major feat, as I remember once completing it in the car on the way to school so it’s clearly a bit of a short adventure. But it was classic how, after more than TWO DECADES, i still remembered the tricks, the secrets, and which jumps are a real bitch. Even better, though, I’d forgotten about the submarine / plane stages – SO good!

Anyway, the point of this is it got me in the mood for more completions (and classic 90s gaming). So how about on Night Trap night let’s get ourselves a classic Game Boy game each on Virtual Console (or a Game Gear or NES game, I suppose) and complete that sucker in one night. It could be the night of four completions – a true Grigging record! Some suggestions to whet your whistle – Mega Man (any of), Shinobi (Game Gear), Balloon Kid (I kinda fancy playing this one again, which is where this all came from), Sonic 1 or 2 (Game Gear obvs), 6 Golden Coins (I’ve actually never played that I don’t think…)… man, there are loads. So, you in?!

Super Mario Land, yesterday. This kid is right actually – the combination of UFO, skeleton fish, and seahorses IS a bit weird. Though I think that UFO might be meant to be a submarine. Still… It’s a bit messed up.

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4 Responses to Meanwhile, in 1991…

  1. bedgell says:

    Actually, now I watch the video again, maybe it is a UFO. Man, that IS weird. Anyway – that’s two years in a row we’ve posted every month now. HURRAH! Go GRIG!

    • Dibbs says:

      Good buh, I was playing this a few weeks back trying out some Gameboy stuff on the Retron 5. It was kinda weird seeing it on a huge screen but actually didn’t look as bad as I thought!

      So do you mean get a game on the 3DS Virtual Console and bring those?

  2. bedgell says:

    Yep, 3x3DS’s a go go. Though each with a different game… These were my favourites tho there are quite a few others on virtual console – any that take your fancy? Mario 3 or one of the zeldas would be a very ballsy choice as possibly a bit longer than anything else…

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