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Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP

   son of a motherless goat. The Oculus Rift will cost a staggering £499 here in the UK with current shipping time of Q2 2016!! Fortunately four years ago I backed it on kickstarter and get this little beaut for … Continue reading

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GRiG at 5! Mid-Term Report!

Sometimes, even the greats have to stop and take stock. Amidst the constant stream of parties, women, and fast cars that is the life of the average GRiGadier, it’s easy to get lost in the heady daze that success brings. … Continue reading

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Grig Orig at 5

Well, it’s been five long years since Grig Orig started tearing it up on the Internet. Occasionally, I have a brief flick back through the archives and relive the various moments that, since I don’t keep a diary, have almost … Continue reading

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