Twenty Years. TWENTY!!!

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An ass-whupping, yesterday

This is it! This is the moment that I defeated Ganon! After TWENTY years!

Yep, I figure I was 14 when I first started playing through Zelda. Many times I made it to the Dark World – hell, I must have got to the Master Sword about thirty times, and probably rescued Zelda about a hundred – but I never made it close to the end. And the reasons were myriad. Broken SNES’s, sold SNES’s, battery back up fails… I’ve had it all. But in a real life version of Link’s heroic quest, I persevered! And now, TWO DECADES later – battered, broken, beleaguered, but victorious – I’ve made it…

The sense of accomplishment is intense! Regular readers of the Grig (you two) will know this has been more than a gaming adventure – this is a very personal mission, exploring my own inability to see anything through to the end. So many games, projects, and avenues in life lie incomplete or failed behind me – but now, we look forwards! With Zelda, the very first objective coming to a final, belated fruition, there’s a sense of personal growth. Development. Completion.

And what did I do with my new found sense of self? Well, played Mario Kart of course. Ashasha…

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