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Woah, the Vive is how much!

HTC Vive is coming in May for the princely sum of buh, that’s £689 to you and me plus £57.60 for shipping, holey moley. We all know the £499 price point of the Oculus Rift, which seemed insane compared to … Continue reading

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Tomb Raidin’ tomfoolery at it’s finest!

So is everyone enjoying the Tomb Raider fun and frolics this week? Been entertaining, huh? Well, as someone who enjoyed the first game, I’ve been particularly interested in Crystal Dynamics Rise of the Tomb Raider. But it’s not exactly been … Continue reading

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My top kickstarter games to keep an eye on right now, cos I just looked

Did you want to play a simulation game like the new (last year) Sim City V but were put off by the failure and publisher, well sometime in the next couple of years, probably three by Kickstarter standards there is … Continue reading

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Real journalism folks, GTA V pre orders start Friday

OK, OK, so I’m just re blogging the same old blogging news, apparently according to a source on a blog somewhere, new is coming out of Sweden that pre orders for the unconfirmed pc version of Grand Theft Auto V … Continue reading

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Kickstarter coolness ahoy!

Grigori(g) Rasputin! So here’s another of my previously scribed offerings from back in September 2013 when I was particularly looking forward to several Kickstarter projects that were in the pipeline. I believe of the games I talk about, one, namely … Continue reading

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In a dream i can see, you are not far away: NiGHTS is coming back in HD

Happy 16th birthday NiGHTS. The beautiful NiGHTS into Dreams game from the glorious Sega Saturn is finally making its retro comeback HD style this fall. First lets show the vid. Roll it. July 5th is NiGHTS birthday, it was 1996 … Continue reading

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Quake Live – Let’s Frag ’em

Quake Live is quake in the browser with a plugin, and it looks wicked, and plays brilliantly, you may have recently seen a game with @notch, @jeb, and i think @kappische of Mojang play some young dude and a couple … Continue reading

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Kinect for windows is finally available to purchase in UK

Although released on February first. Major E-commerce sites like didn’t have it advertised until just a few days agolast week, and even then it was a pre order. had pre order status of February 29th and only 20 … Continue reading

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Retro City Rampage nearly here

8 Bit indie gem Retro City Rampage has been in the making for what seems like an eternity, but with the rumour mill grinding away as it does, it seems that wait is nearly over. Creator Brian Provincniano told a … Continue reading

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Minecraft snapshot, making some changes

Mojang have been releasing snapshots of their game Minecraft every week for those whom prefer not to wait for updates This update process is like a public beta, you play early ideas and give feedback. All you have to do … Continue reading

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