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Etymology Makes Me Feeeeeeel Good

Well, does it get more awesome? Of course, we already knew Ghostbusters was a hotbed of catchphrase creativity. “You’ve… you’ve earned it.” “That’s a big Twinkie” “No, you are being moved off campus.” You know, all the classics. But who … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Tech News…

New CoD split screen mode invented. Perfect timing for Sunday, when there will be some CoD action. Course, someone may need to remind me that I don’t need a cardboard head-roof when playing at home alone. But damn it I … Continue reading

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Friends Like These

So how’s THIS for crazy – it’s been 10 years since the last episode of Friends. Whaaaaat?!? I can’t believe it’s even been ten years since the FIRST episode of friends, and yet somehow it’s been 10 years since the … Continue reading

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Sonic’s Overweight Cousin

Now here’s an interesting one. Of course, we all remember Rocket Knight Adventures, and that it was a quality title. But I don’t remember it as being a stone cold classic (because actually, I can’t even remember what it’s like … Continue reading

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Aiwa-nt One Of Those…

So another SEGA machine-mystery rumbled into town this week when my ongoing eBay hunt for a Mega CD turned up this little number – a hi-fi that the seller claims is a combination boom box/ megadrive and Mega CD. Um… … Continue reading

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Minecraft comes to Vita and others in August

Mojang have pretty much announced that XBOX One, PS4 and Vita version of their massively popular sandbox game is coming in August. Better yet the Vita version can swap saves with the p3, it’s also part of that buy on … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Japan.

Just posting this as a message back to Good Historical Us-es – don’t worry that you thought you were good at Street Fighter and then got whupped by some Guile-sonc-boom-throwing Chinese dude on the Pier. It can happen to anyone. … Continue reading

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Prime Doesn’t Cover America…

Just read this beaut of an article about the origins of Nintendo. Some stuff you may have known before – about how it started in the 1800s (only just… 1889. But still… old ahoy), as a company selling playing cards, … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment heading to EU Vitas

So get this right, there’s an anime/manga/light novel that focuses on characters who play an online MMORPG with the use of an emmersive headset that intercepts any movement and puts it into the game rather than their physical bodies. Except … Continue reading

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To Be This Good Takes…

So some mention of Sega UFO Catchers in another post had me looking at the internet to see what they made. When I found the video below. Just… so sad. I mean, they’ve always done that stuff I guess. But … Continue reading

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