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Meanwhile, In Tech News…

New CoD split screen mode invented. Perfect timing for Sunday, when there will be some CoD action. Course, someone may need to remind me that I don’t need a cardboard head-roof when playing at home alone. But damn it I … Continue reading

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Quake Live – Let’s Frag ’em

Quake Live is quake in the browser with a plugin, and it looks wicked, and plays brilliantly, you may have recently seen a game with @notch, @jeb, and i think @kappische of Mojang play some young dude and a couple … Continue reading

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Sdatcher Gets Translation – Spelling Not Improved

The only way to truly express our longing for a new Snatcher game is to listen to Tina Turner’s Thunderdome on repeat, whispering the words “Snatcher 2” over the chorus and fingering through old promo pics for Blade Runner. Nothing … Continue reading

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Konami issues questionnaire as Grigorig changes the world again!

Welcome my fellow Grigs and Grigesseseseses… (esses?) as we once again delve into the withering world of video games! Now, it is without question that there are many things that have undoubtedly changed due to the irrepressible wisdom and influence … Continue reading

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New Snatcher? No such hope…

It’s being reported today that after an eternity in the wild, new Snatcher-related content is coming home to roost! Finally, after all these years we surely get to find out what happened to Gillian Seed after he left Neo Kobe … Continue reading

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Check This Amstrad Action Out!

Well I never, fellow Griggers. There’s me thinking I’d never see Ikari Warriors again, when up pops the Most Wonderful Mother-In-Law – having a clear out and asking “do I want this old Atari”? Well, it turned out to be … Continue reading

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