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Microsoft research is doing some interesting things

Well boys, this video was out days ago but things are slow at cassa de lartens. But this video has some very interesting works in rogrss for using cameras like the kinect for tracking and some other fandangled technology for … Continue reading

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Dead Island Discs – Yours For 79p

The supernatural world isn’t what it used to be. Vampires have turned into R-Patz nancies. Werewolves play basketball (for those who are under 30, that’s a Teen Wolf reference…) And zombie game franchises are nothing unless they have their own … Continue reading

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Shock Horror! New Dead Space 2 DLC – And A Video To Boot

Downloadable content is a contentious issue in Grig Towers. On the one hand, sucking brand new games from cyberspace, and getting add-ons and skimpy Chun-Li costumes directly through your telly, without the need to set foot in the outside world, … Continue reading

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Crysis 2 Video Not Enough? How About A Multiplayer Demo To Boot? Hummana hummana!

So there’s no doubting that I’m monogamy-101 when it comes to first person shooters. I’m a peas-in-a-pod, walking hand-in-hand, matching jumpers kind of lover with my one and only, Modern Warfare 2. Forget your Black Ops tossbags*, Halo shizzle*, or … Continue reading

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Boggle, free on itunes app store today, might as well get it no?

Who doesn’t like a bit of boggle oggle oggle action, the ds had a nice little 2 player version budled in a 4 for 1 compilation, worked well with the stylus until my screen went a bit unresponsive, but today … Continue reading

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Murray Halts Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray has fessed up to being the spanner in the Ghostbusters 3 works, and it seems production could already be underway if he were to get his slime-stopping act in gear. But could it be a good thing? It … Continue reading

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New Apple Mac Book Pro’s out now. oh yeah, which one shall i buy?

We’ve been waiting, watching the rumors, and finally here it is. And the big boys have been quaded. Looks like new products to the line, two 13″ models, on with a 2.3GHZ duel core i5 processor and the other a … Continue reading

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Nintendo Takes 3DS Out To Launch

Well, spank my three dimensional ass. Nintendo today announce the 3DS launch titles to accompany its new baby’s release on March 27th and, wouldn’t you know it, there’s actually a few humdingers. Sadly, there’s not a hum, or even a … Continue reading

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Gears of War 3 Release Date Announced

As if a pic of the Gears of War 3 box wasn’t enough, here we are with news of the release date! Microsoft has today revealed that fans worldwide will be able to get their grubby mitts on the latest … Continue reading

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Free DLC As Developer Apologises for TDU2 “Issues”

The debate rages on about the quality of pre-release games testing, and today it received a fresh kick up its forum-based arse as the developer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 was forced into an apology for the game’s many bugs. … Continue reading

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