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Sonic’s Overweight Cousin

Now here’s an interesting one. Of course, we all remember Rocket Knight Adventures, and that it was a quality title. But I don’t remember it as being a stone cold classic (because actually, I can’t even remember what it’s like … Continue reading

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Game Players magazine?

Do you remember ever seeing this sonofa? Some guy’s posting scans from it – and I’d think was just American or something except he’s also posting loads stuff from Mean Machines too. Maybe it’s just my lameass memory again. Speaking … Continue reading

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Street Fighter revives the Grig again!

I’d heard about the Mary Celeste but never thought i’d ever encounter such an eerie scenario myself. But as I stepped out on to the decks of the good ship Grig Orig and looked around, ’twas all I could think … Continue reading

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Ten, Ten, Here We Go Again… Sonic CD!

Well my mighty groons, there was nothing but joy at Grig Towers when we heard the news that Sonic CD is getting a re-release! Of course, that won’t be news to all the wonderful retro-fans out there – but how … Continue reading

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Sega hate us: Official

I promised I was gonna turn over a new leaf. No more being down on the state of the industry. No more peddling of the most negative aspects of video gaming that irk me so. No more raging against all … Continue reading

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Any Old Iron?

This afternoon, I felt the final nail slip noiselessly into the coffin of ye olde world of video games. And what bastion of the old order was filling today’s tomb? The casual video games trader. Back in the day when … Continue reading

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