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Twenty Years. TWENTY!!!

An ass-whupping, yesterday This is it! This is the moment that I defeated Ganon! After TWENTY years! Yep, I figure I was 14 when I first started playing through Zelda. Many times I made it to the Dark World – … Continue reading

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We’re in the pipe. Five by five…

Yes, my fellow Grigadeers, our dreams shall be fulfilled! Because eight months after I last picked up my mocked up USB-Saturn pad to play SNES Zelda on my Mac (what is this weird, chimeric world we live in?!) – I’m … Continue reading

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Metroid Mystery

Y’know, I don’t remember ever playing any of the Metroid series. Seems weird to have missed out the whole of such a big franchise – especially when there wasn’t a huge range of such big names back in the SNES … Continue reading

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Any Old Iron?

This afternoon, I felt the final nail slip noiselessly into the coffin of ye olde world of video games. And what bastion of the old order was filling today’s tomb? The casual video games trader. Back in the day when … Continue reading

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The Legend of GRiG ORiG! A Link To Benny’s Past

Ahoy there retro fans – the bedgell Zelda challenge is officially… ON! Because we’ve finally (almost) got our happy little hands on a copy of the SNES beauty. Already our little Zelda adventure has seen our brave warrior (me) trek … Continue reading

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The SNES Zelda Challenge Starts Here!

So even though I’m only part way through Twilight Princess, I’ve gone and got the bug for completing SNES Zelda… It actually started from completing MW2 and thinking how i hardly ever bother to actually complete games. And, true enough, … Continue reading

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