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What the hell is THIS?!?

What a heap of junk! Still, as it holds 9 paper cups, it’s still better than a 32X… Tee hee

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Today, in 1994…

Street Fighter II Turbo was released in the arcades 20 years ago yesterday (the 23rd. This post made a lot more sense when I was writing it actually on the 23rd. Y’know, before my phone battery died and left me … Continue reading

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And meanwhile… self lacing shoes from Back to the Future II?!?!


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Snatcher Art is Like Opium for the Eyes

There’s no more clever reason to write this than I just had to share the Snatcher art love. In those long rambling timelines of junk on twitter and tumblr, it’s just so nice when something you love rolls along. Enjoy!

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Animal crossing the chores, the grinding, and for what?

When I went to Japan in the summer of 2013 I thought animal crossing would be a good game to get in case there were any street pass opportunities. As it turned out there wasn’t really, nothing useful anyway, at … Continue reading

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Bravely Default?

Have you played this bad boy? Been reading how good it is – a better Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy, best thing Square’s done in ages etc – but you know these Internet goons like to rave. But there are … Continue reading

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E.T Interplanetary Mission Review

Ok, so since Bedgell has been such a good Grig-monger today, thought i’d better get in on the Grig action by rolling out another review of complete irrelevance. Let’s go! E.T Interplanetary Mission – PS1 Review When you talk about … Continue reading

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Those Americans just keep sticking the boot (fair) in

So on the subject of boot fairs (I’m randomly linking from the comments somewhere about the place), I never seem to find any that have any freaking games at them. Do you?! And this goes for markets and second hand … Continue reading

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I’m deep in eBay’s web

This is a good example of how my recent situation with eBay has developed. I don’t even own a Mega CD and yet here I am – in a bidding war for Final Fight CD. Good game though – if … Continue reading

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The unique thing about this…

… And the only reason really to post it is that Chun Li looks hot in it. Because, of course, I know Chunners is hot, or thought of as hot, or remembered as hot – but just count the number … Continue reading

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