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Woah, the Vive is how much!

HTC Vive is coming in May for the princely sum of buh, that’s £689 to you and me plus £57.60 for shipping, holey moley. We all know the £499 price point of the Oculus Rift, which seemed insane compared to … Continue reading

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Make Like A Leaf, and Tree

OK, OK, so it looks eeeeeeeeever so slightly limited but … whoop! THE HOVERBOARD IS HERE! Sadly, though, that sentence kind of sums things up. Because the first words out of our collective mouth should have been crafted from pure … Continue reading

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O2 and Everything Everywhere in iPhone 5 MEGARUMBLE

Do you want an iPhone 5? Are you with O2 and not sure whether to jump ship to Everything Everywhere? Then read on compadre! Continue reading

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720 inbound?

Following on from yesterday’s article by actually bothering to write something new for the Grig, I venture forth once more and set my sights firmly on the future as we plot a course for the next generation! Now this is … Continue reading

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Kinect for Windows SDK beta 2 is out

It’s great that Microsoft have put efforts in helping the community utilize the power of kinect, and now we’re seeing proof that they are continuing that commitment. Today i saw a news item in my rss feeds from Microsoft Research … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Calm, Citizens – The GRiG Fixes iOS 5…

So everyone loves an iOS update – new graphics, new features for free, laughing at all those BlackBerry users with broken BBM… But then there’s the download times… the endless crashes and restores… The disappearing apps… Yeah, it’s actually pretty … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 to Get Steam-Powered?

Hurrah! It’s spurious rumour of the week time! Up this time is a little tale doing the microblog rounds that Steam is coming to the Xbox 360. Woop! Glorious news if true as it opens up cross-platform gaming that SURELY … Continue reading

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Don’t Cross The Streams Mr Lipson! (Oh, OK. Do…)

Hurrah for completely insane Mad Professors! Without them, there’d be no Frankenstein, no flux capacitors, and definitely no Weird Science-style creation of hot 80s chicks with Commodore-designed mega-boobs! (though admittedly, although they tinkered with Kelly LeBrock’s tonkers, they were actually … Continue reading

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Jobsy resigns as ceo of apple, yeah, that’s what i’m calling him

Seriously though, when you have health problems but can still steer a company to have access to more cash than the US Government, you’ve done well enough, you might as well leave it there and call it a day. The … Continue reading

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Goooooooo! 3DS for £115, i don’t think the ambassador program makes up for that

We’ve seen the news that Nintendo were slashing their prices, but so far I’d only seen US prices, which are usually considerably lower (after exchange rates) than in the UK because of tax, but i had no idea it was … Continue reading

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