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Games Go Vinyl!

News can be slow to reach us here in GRiG Towers, ensconced, as we are, in our veritable fortress surrounded by the latest and greatest security features. I’ll still defend our choice to shut out the world – prompted as … Continue reading

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On the trail of Streets of Rage 4

Grigori(g) Rasputin! Think I used that one before… Ah, a lovely day off. What shall I do? The suns shining, the birds are singing, and there’s excitement in the air! Best stay inside with the curtains closed and write some … Continue reading

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Streets of You-what-now?!

What the frick?! Did you know Streets of Rage was on the Master System?! I’ll accompany that question with these comments: 1. You probably did. In fact, Jimnuts has probably even got this copy of MMS. 2. Even as I … Continue reading

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Hairy Golden Axe Wound and Cheap ChuChu for All!

Well stroke my bunions if SEGA haven’t chucked a load of iOS gaming on the bank holiday bonfire. This stuff is going so cheap that taking it off them is effectively looting. Which we couldn’t possibly urge you to do. … Continue reading

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Sega hate us: Official

I promised I was gonna turn over a new leaf. No more being down on the state of the industry. No more peddling of the most negative aspects of video gaming that irk me so. No more raging against all … Continue reading

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Aminal Team plays Streets of Rage remix

What used to be a day for Aminal to play some guitar, and write a little music, soon turned into a day where Super Street Fighter IV was played with our Tournament Edition Arcade Fight Sticks. And thus the birth … Continue reading

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