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There’s a snake in ma boot: The lazy Grigs roundup news 30-07-11

I know its a pretty lame segway/title, anyhoo there’s been a fair few interesting game tech news in the feeds i follow lately, and none of them really fleshed out a post so i’ going to do a quick fire … Continue reading

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Money money money, must be funny

And how are our favourite corporate tech giants and entertainment companies doing, i’m talking Nintendo, Microsoft and Apple hear. On the BBC news technology website there was this little article which basically is saying that apple has access to … Continue reading

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Google plus slaps ipod touch in the face with a wet kipper

****update**** Nevermind the rest below, the google+ app is now compatible with the ipod touch and the ipad. 🙂 Ok it was late, like 2:30 in the morning and the google+ app i downloaded through itunes (pc) just wouldnt install … Continue reading

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Is It Safe To Be A Geek Anymore?

Everything’s changed for the nerd. Where once the humble superfan could happily spend a life ensconced in their own bubble, with nothing but their addiction and a tightly chosen cabal of likeminded freaks for company, nowadays geekiness is an entirely … Continue reading

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Minecraft, MINDBLOWN, Middle Earth re created, AMAZING

This is incredible, i kid you not, a community over at has pushed minecraft to its limits with a recreated world mapping out Middle Earth, below is a video done by OMFGcata over on youtube as part of his … Continue reading

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I got the Poison

Good day my fellow Griggers and welcome to the next few globules of Capcom news spillage fresh from Comic Con! Following on from yesterday’s events, fighting fans are at fever pitch after Capcom accidentally dropped their entire deck of cards … Continue reading

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Raaaawww goes the Lion, more of a Meow if you ask me

Here it is folks, release day, well it was 20 minuts before i started writing this post, the new Lion operating system for Apple Macs is out for download on the app store, and to be honest, i’m not impressed. … Continue reading

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A Marvellous Upgrade Cometh?

Marvel vs Capcom 3 was a bit like Pippa Middleton’s posterior; it’s not that good, but people don’t half go on about it. But now, a full 6 months after Capcom released said title, they feel they’ve waited plenty long … Continue reading

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Maim An Infant You Say? Goodness Me, Yes

Well, stick my head on a spike, Limbo’s only gone and been released on Playstation Network. Long the preserve of those plucky Xbox types and their wonderful flying machines (erm… XBLA), Copenhagen-based Playdead’s ingenious puzzler wowed indie-sceptics with its highly … Continue reading

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Wait a minute! PAX is how long away? minecraft adventure not public until after

We here at grigorig aren’t your average tom foolary degenerates, we is very smart. why only today i, the great Lartens, who knows everything there is to know bout chaos theory and predicting weather cycles, put two and two together … Continue reading

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