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Street Fighter X Tekken Update Ahoy

WARNING – A massively outdated article follows! It’s been a long time, and I indeed shouldn’t have left you, and regretfully I plead guilty to the crime of leaving you without so much as a dope beat to step to. … Continue reading

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Grrrrr xcode 4.2 woes

Recently i started a new job where i have to learn to develop iPhone apps, which is pretty cool and interesting, better than android too. But just recently we’ve updated to xcode 4.2, and here lies a few problems, i … Continue reading

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Gears Of War Drama Rocks Sleepy English Town

Residents of Ryde were packing their bags in fear today after the appearance of an emergence hole signalled an imminent attack on the town from the Locust Horde. The filthy aliens have never been seen before in the Isle of … Continue reading

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Daytona USA as it should be, out now XBLA

Daytona on an XBOX 360 is awesome, it looks a lot sharper than the saturn version, doesn’t suffer the bad pop ups or clipping, but still has that daytona look, unlike the Dreamcast updated version that looked slightly weird, still … Continue reading

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Minecraft 1.9 pre 5 is up for download for the impatient

What up minecraftalonians, if you’re one of those who likes to take a sneak peak at whats new, then you maye be intereseted in tehis here link which will be the latest build for hardcore fans to test out, … Continue reading

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Cheap lazy roundup 23/10/2011

Well folks it’s been over a week and nobody had any grigging time to blog for you, so here’s the quick fire round of whats been and whats coming, are you ready, here we go. Batman Arkham City is out … Continue reading

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Could the sf x tekken character teaser be Dan’s secret feminine twin brother?

Over a week ago a teaser video hit with what Dibbs Ahoy hopes means the inclusion of Juri into Street Fighter X Tekken. But instead it is most definitely a really feminine version of Dan, though Dan cannot be included … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is coming to Europe

BooYah, Level-5 the developers of Ni No Kuni(a PS3 RPG with animation from Studio Ghibli) have had their little get together exhibit thing and have announced that NAMCO BANDAI will be publishing this bad boy in both North America and … Continue reading

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Leeches! Oh Yes, It’s Sdatcher Act 3…

Things are hotting up for Jean-Jack and his haunted pal Chris Gainsbourgh as memories of a slaughter ship and its insidious cargo are revealed in Act 3 of Sdatcher, the side-project from Snatcher creator Hideo Kojima. It’s all about the … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni – The AdMen Cometh

Oh, happy day! More Ni No Kuni wonderfulness has been thrust unto the world by those wonderful chaps at Level 5. This time, they’re teasing us with bite-size nuggets of advertising-tastic video-marvellousness. Enjoy!

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