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Final year project is Done

Well not really, but i need a place holder to get the url of teh project category to link to in the documentation

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Sony’s Nightmare Continues

Holy mare, Sony are in a mess. Today, they’ve confirmed reports of a massive financial hack that has put all of their customers at risk of being ripped-off by fraudsters – and if you’re a PSN or Qriocity user, that … Continue reading

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Sonic Generations Screens Ahoy!

The ice age of our Sega-cynicism has been on the thaw recently. The initial gameplay trailer for Sonic Generations got us longing whistfully for warmer times ahead. And the extended gameplay trailer currently doing the rounds on YouTube is the … Continue reading

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Get Your Geek On!

Hurrah! It’s Geeky Tees Monday – today, and any subsequent Monday for the rest of time – I wanna see your geeky tees. Obviously, few will rival the brand new NES t-shirt that benny picked up today, but try people, … Continue reading

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PSN still down! Want to play games with your friends? FairGame say go to their store and play chess?

Well griggers and griggeritas, its day 3 of playstation network outages, normally it wouldn’t bother me as i never use my ps3, and i’m not even using MY ps3 to link portal 2 to my steam account anyway because i … Continue reading

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Christ May Be Risen – But SEGA’s Prices Aren’t!

SEGA are on the charm offensive, revealing today that they’ll be celebrating Easter by slashing the prices of all their XBOX Live Arcade games. Hurrah! The sale will run from April 22 – 25, and covers gems like Gunstar Heroes … Continue reading

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What! a free 90 minute demo of minecraft from pc gamer. That’s freaking awesome

I said i say a wait a gosh darn cotton picking minute there son, free demo, that can’t be right, let me take a a look see there boy. Well whaa do ya know, there is a free demo of … Continue reading

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A-biv-biv-biv! It’s the Sonic Generations Game!

I sense the forces of Karma at work in the forthcoming release of Sonic Generations, Sega’s next-gen homage to the blue hog’s first 20 years. And it should give everyone hope – except that little shiz Geoffrey Lawrence. See, when … Continue reading

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Here comes the rain! Minecraft 1.5 is out, achievemo’s ahoy. now let notch play Portal 2

Well here it is folks, what a day, portal 2 and an update to minecraft, not just any old update mind, no, this sucka is tracking stats and achievements on your computer, that’s right, computer, doesn’t look like its crossing … Continue reading

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Portal 2 release early!!! The biggest hype of 2011 and us griggers are missing out

For all those lucky folks who pre ordered the steam version, hell, pre downloaded the steam version portal 2, Christmas has come early, eight months early! you lucky dog, portal 2 is released, the GLaDS@home computations ran up some impressive … Continue reading

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