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Capcom in rehashed character shocker!

‘Of more interest are the new roster additions of Hugo, Poison, Elena, Rolento, and an as yet unannounced female from the Street Fighter universe. Whether she’ll be another rehash like the Cammy-based Bison dolls we’ll have to see.’ – Dibbs … Continue reading

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Snatcher shenanigans abound!

Ok, here’s an intriguing one for you. So it seems that the glut of fan made games that still continue to trickle out for the Dreamcast long after its official plug-pulling by Sega, is about to be joined by a … Continue reading

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Arduboy In Your Pocket

Seen this sucker? Arduboy is apparently about to land on Kickstarter and it’s kinda tempting. Because the thing about portables is… They’re not actually that portable. I mean, sure , you can fit a 3DS or PSP in your bag … Continue reading

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“Look, man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe!”

I might make a pair of glasses that just has this stuck to the inside of them. Who needs to see anything else?!

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RIP Egon

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The First Figurine I’ve Ever Really Wanted

It’s called Drossel, or something like that, and it’s from some Japanese cartoon. Thing is, they’re so posable… Stumbled across it on tumblr where this person had done this whole photo shoot. Amaze. Thing is, they cost like a hundred … Continue reading

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