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Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Until The Frickin’ T-Virus Wakes Up…

Well, I never. Capcom has gone and announced a tie-in between their popular Resident Evil franchise, and animated 80s feelgood classic The Raccoons. (You remember: Bert, the pigs, that guy with a funny nose and a cigar. Erm… you do … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3 Tempts Griggers To Get Naked

Guns, guns, guns. If you could see the staff at Grig Towers with their tops off, that’s what you’d be thinking. Ashasha, I joke, of course – you’d be too busy vomiting to be doing any thinking. However, if you … Continue reading

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Finish Him! Online Pass Fatality for Mortal Kombat?

Warner Bros are sliding into the morasse that is the Online Pass Rip-Off with their upcoming release of Mortal Kombat. The successful publishing house looks set to join uber-rip-off merchants EA and THQ by limiting access to bundled content by … Continue reading

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Sort Y’All Some Portal

Here’s a luvverly little Portal 2 vid, just to remind you that this sucker is on its way next month. Fans right across the Ps3 / Xbox 360 / PC spectrum will be able to get their hands on Valve’s … Continue reading

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Grig of the Dump

It’s another dark day in Segaville. Not quite your standard Sega-tinted gloom, the like of which you may expect to be accompanied by the release of a new Sonic game, but a darkness deeper and more menacing than even the … Continue reading

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The GRiG goes Mortal Kombat Video Crazy

Truth is, over at GRiG Towers, Street Fighter has always ruled the 2D-fighter roost. More fluid, more imaginative, more addictive than its Mortal Kombat peers, the SF franchise has just always had the edge. Of course, we love a bit … Continue reading

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sega rare merch on ebay about to go, hurry hurry folks!

This will have to be a quick blog, though no ones gonna see it. The sega merchandise on ebay is about to end. ###update#### Well the bids for the good stuff is over. Dreamcast Hoodie = £537.10 Dreamcast console bag … Continue reading

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Mad Scientist Starts “End Of World” Ball Rolling

OK, you’re a mad scientist, buy you still have a choice: Create a bio-mass fuel cell that allows robots to chuck us in a blender and power their ascent to global dominance by munching on our poor innocent bodies in … Continue reading

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project update, replacing board pieces with arrows and trampolines

Well folkes its getting there, the game is now targeting squares and replacing them with arrows and trampolines, they also have a property ready to tell the characters that wander across them what to do 🙂

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Nintendo 3DS in Da House

We here at grigorig endevour to give you the newest of the new. So we bring you a couple of videos of the unboxing of the 3DS, and first impressions of street fighter in 3d. But if it was to … Continue reading

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