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CVG Shutting Up Shop

It’s been a while since the ol’ vidya games were represented well with a hwality bit of magazinery. Last I can remember was Sega Saturn Magazine from way back in the late 90’s captained by Richard Leadbetter. But what’s even … Continue reading

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Dibbs Ahoy in productive use of time shocker!

And now for something completely different – some artwork for your delectation. What, this old thing? Why it’s only some artwork I did of my old ‘main’, as the FGC would say, Juri Han. Done as artwork for a custom … Continue reading

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2015 Celebration: L.A. Noire Review… from 2011

Well it was another vintage year here on Grig Orig, with high calibre articles and reviews quite literally pouring out of every orifice – most notably the anus in many a case. Ha ha. So what better way to celebrate … Continue reading

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