On the Hunt For R.O.B and Kelly LeBrock

We’ll admit, when we first read that QualiaThe Path of Promise was about a fella taking home a new robot and falling in love with it, we obviously assumed it was a game about ROB. Falling for this little disc-spinning, block grabbing android is a no-brainer.

But sadly, it’s about Machina the Maid.

And we suspect, with the best will in the world, that her new owner didn’t choose his new housekeeper to match his NES.

Benefit of the doubt, Dr. Hiro Koshino might have picked her out as the first android to pass the Turing Test. But then, he might have flipped his petri dish over her mahoosive wangs. Who are we to assume?

The game is billed as a visual novel and the game’s makers, Sekai Project, describe their creation as a story of pure love where an android heroine and a genius hermit learn to grow together, overcome fate, and find happiness.

Sounds like a gem – but, truth be told, it’s really just making me want to go watch Weird Science. That puppy has got the loser-overcomes-sadness-through-home-grown-hottie nailed down. So, unless Dr. Hiro is gonna pop a bra on his head and turn Bill Paxton into a blob, I’ll take my nerd action somewhere else, methinks.

Anyways, QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~ is now available on Steam.

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