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And speaking of fun things…

I really must get your Christmas presents (1 month late) and birthday present (hmmm – how long ago was August? (Hehehehe)) to you. Haha – they actually have dust on them they’ve been sat there so long… I’m thinking I’ll … Continue reading

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Real journalism folks, GTA V pre orders start Friday

OK, OK, so I’m just re blogging the same old blogging news, apparently according to a source on a blog somewhere, new is coming out of Sweden that pre orders for the unconfirmed pc version of Grand Theft Auto V … Continue reading

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Sega Alien Naïveté Strikes Again

Here are three things that should fill us all with fear: 1) Any new game made by Sega 2) Any game based on the Alien franchise 3) Any game based on a movie at all We know that all three … Continue reading

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Not exactly Skynet, but still…

Sometimes I wonder where I even was during the 90s… I’ve heard about Netlink since, but I don’t remember it at all from the time. Did it come out in the UK?

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Brucie’s The Price Is Grig!

Nice to see you! To see you…? Groon! So, I gotta admit that this kiddy on eBay does indeed have a mighty fine collection going on over here. Individually, I would love to own all of these suckers. All together, … Continue reading

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Master System madness!

All this Master System reflecting japery has lead me to reacquaint myself with a bizarre yet reasonably cool occurrence in the world of the 8-bit Sega behemoth. So while all the world was opening their doors wide and inviting Mr … Continue reading

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Streets of You-what-now?!

What the frick?! Did you know Streets of Rage was on the Master System?! I’ll accompany that question with these comments: 1. You probably did. In fact, Jimnuts has probably even got this copy of MMS. 2. Even as I … Continue reading

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Well, now we’ve torn it.

Yeah, you know this little thread of “I get an idea in my head that I want a game and then I can’t let it go…” Well, I’ve been on ebay again and this time it’s a Mega-CD. I mean, … Continue reading

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Metroid Mystery

Y’know, I don’t remember ever playing any of the Metroid series. Seems weird to have missed out the whole of such a big franchise – especially when there wasn’t a huge range of such big names back in the SNES … Continue reading

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Talk about a Mega Jet

Howdy doody Grig McTrudy! Whatever the grig that means… Here’s one you’re gonna like. For we venture forth this fine day to reflect on a topic of great interplanetary importance that through this sick world in which we live has … Continue reading

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