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Final year project diary

New Snatcher? No such hope…

It’s being reported today that after an eternity in the wild, new Snatcher-related content is coming home to roost! Finally, after all these years we surely get to find out what happened to Gillian Seed after he left Neo Kobe … Continue reading

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Final year project is Done

Well not really, but i need a place holder to get the url of teh project category to link to in the documentation

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The game is done and downloadable

Well its made, its been tested and you can try it out too just download from see what you think, thanks to bruce harding for letting me use his awesome chiptune track he made.

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Project update, collisions yo!, also model textures, many spawnings etc

Been a long while since the project blog was updated, been spending a lot of time on the models in maya, and finally got some texturing done, code wise there is collision detection for the birds and the arrows, and … Continue reading

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project update, replacing board pieces with arrows and trampolines

Well folkes its getting there, the game is now targeting squares and replacing them with arrows and trampolines, they also have a property ready to tell the characters that wander across them what to do 🙂

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woot, update on project, a cube is traversing the board

errr, yeah the title pretty much says it, got a cube to change direction on the board based on where it is, needs some tinkering for the actual game though big style

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Quick post to show the board set up on my project

It may not look like much but the board is setup and the camera is mostly working at this stage

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