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The game that never was: Akira

Grigadiers! So following on from Lartens majestic one anime article thus fulfilling the promise that Grig Orig was going to become an ocean deep resource of news and info, I take up the challenge and focus my attentions on things … Continue reading

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E.T. the Sub-Terrestrial

Indeed, indeed, indeed – finally the movie looks like it’s nearly upon us. And I think they’re going to nail it as it looks like they’re hanging off the back of it a story about the demise of the video … Continue reading

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Edmond Pangs of Guilt

. I mean, good job Edmond Pang. Nice graphics and retro-synth music backing for your little video here. But rootin-tootin Jeebus, if you’re going to spend days creating something then surely you’d find five minutes for a quick spelling and … Continue reading

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Breaking: Universes collide as actual Teri Hatcher/gaming link is discovered!

It’s been months in coming… nay, years even. But the wait has been worth it. And if this proves one thing more than anything else, it’s that nobody, NOBODY, deters the Grig when our Spider-senses are tingling telling us there’s … Continue reading

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Well, The World Is Just Full of Surprises…

Retro. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Griggerprise. Her continuing mission to explore very well known old worlds, to seek out old games, and old civilisations, and to boldly go where millions have gone before. And … Continue reading

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And yet more from EA!

Well, another day, another crime from everyones favourite tyrannical games company. For indeed, just when you couldn’t imagine EA sinking to any deeper lows, wait for this one! The demos for FIFA 14 and UFC have landed on the Xbox … Continue reading

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3DS and Vita to become EA-free gaming sanctuaries – world rejoices!

Whilest many may put an element of the demise of the Dreamcast down to the lack of support from EA thus starving the machine of several (wrongly) revered franchises, I look at things differently. Dreamcast is a machine that doesn’t … Continue reading

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