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6 Things Sega Rally Reveals After Playing Obsessively for Two Months

The GRiGaroons have been hitting Rally hard in the past two months. We’re time attacking the Championship mode in a borderline obsessive frenzy (for me at least) and it’s taken us places. Profound places. Because when you go this deep … Continue reading

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It’s Gurn-a Be A Hot One, Mother

Ask yourself: would you ask BeyoncĂ© to build you a conservatory? Would you ask a nine year old to file your tax returns? Would you ask a Labrador to drive you down the shops? Well no, of course you wouldn’t. … Continue reading

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Some Sega Rally?

Grig-mongers! So Dibbs of the Grig Gaming is racing forth at full steam, throwing out content like it’s going out of fashion… which technically it is coz it’s mostly retro. Or is that now officially cool and in fashion right … Continue reading

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Twenty Years. TWENTY!!!

An ass-whupping, yesterday This is it! This is the moment that I defeated Ganon! After TWENTY years! Yep, I figure I was 14 when I first started playing through Zelda. Many times I made it to the Dark World – … Continue reading

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We’re in the pipe. Five by five…

Yes, my fellow Grigadeers, our dreams shall be fulfilled! Because eight months after I last picked up my mocked up USB-Saturn pad to play SNES Zelda on my Mac (what is this weird, chimeric world we live in?!) – I’m … Continue reading

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So I’ve been playing Qix on the Game Boy emulator on the 3DS. It’s surprisingly hard – I mean, viciously unpredictable enemy AI, endless traps and ways for you to die, no continues and only 3 lives… And it’s also … Continue reading

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E.T. the Sub-Terrestrial

Indeed, indeed, indeed – finally the movie looks like it’s nearly upon us. And I think they’re going to nail it as it looks like they’re hanging off the back of it a story about the demise of the video … Continue reading

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Edmond Pangs of Guilt

. I mean, good job Edmond Pang. Nice graphics and retro-synth music backing for your little video here. But rootin-tootin Jeebus, if you’re going to spend days creating something then surely you’d find five minutes for a quick spelling and … Continue reading

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The Downside of Retro

Guffaw! Oh how we moaned at expansion packs and memory cards over the years – but how blessed we were. Just enough memory to save a few nudey pics or two of your favourite S Club 7 mp3’s would have … Continue reading

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Those Americans just keep sticking the boot (fair) in

So on the subject of boot fairs (I’m randomly linking from the comments somewhere about the place), I never seem to find any that have any freaking games at them. Do you?! And this goes for markets and second hand … Continue reading

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