Meanwhile, in Japan.

Just posting this as a message back to Good Historical Us-es – don’t worry that you thought you were good at Street Fighter and then got whupped by some Guile-sonc-boom-throwing Chinese dude on the Pier. It can happen to anyone. Because think of those young girls learning every step of some Kylie song on Dance Dance Revolution and thinking they’re the nuts – and then seeing this…

Dreams are broken. But winners are made. And kudos – this dude rocks.

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  1. Dibbs says:

    That’s some swift movin’!

    I remember there was a YouTube video of some fat kid playing one of these DDR machines who was pretty fast. Until he screwed up and fell over. Plus he only played one side of the machine rather than both players parts. Looked like he had potential though. Not as fast as this dude, but it looked weird how fast the rotund fella could go.

    They’re always on a different skill level in Japan. They pretty much rule in Street Fighter. I always enjoy a good read of the comments section of Eventhubs whenever there’s confirmation of the Japanese players attending the American tournaments and everyone acknowledges that they’re gonna clean up. Which is actually what happens most of the time.

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