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A re-Volt-ing SF4 cash-in?

Hey, did you hear about the new Street Fighter 4 that just came out? Oh, you did huh? Well hold your horses my dear Griggers, for I speaketh not of the disc release of SSFIV Arcade Edition that’s just hit … Continue reading

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Minecraft beta 1.7_01 is out with pistons and sheers

So the adventure update is a little way off yet, put back to 1.8. but there’s still a few good introductions to 1.7. Pistons for one, though there is a piston mod out there, it is now part of the … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 and/or PS3 sucks! Come to us fanboys!

Two programming boffins have reportedly broken through Sony’s veil of falsified good graphics as the XBox 360 and PC square up to the PS3 while declaring ‘Anything you can do, we can do better!’ The team of two have enabled … Continue reading

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Old is New, and some of the New is just a guess

Ok, so we’ve got some old classics being re done for the xbla psn scene, two of which are saturn titles that are valueble on the bay, like Guardian Heroes and the japanese only release radient silvergun. There was also … Continue reading

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Indie Game the Movie back on kickstarter

You may remember a while ago that 2 people were making a documentary on Indie developers and games, there was a teaser featuring the 2 developers from team meat, the creators fo super meat boy. Well now it’s back on … Continue reading

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Sonic Generations playable demo available download now for 19 days

Today the 23rd of june see’s a playable demo of sonic generations, it’s the side scrolling level of green hill that’s available, no doubt to reinsure the fans that it’s better than sonic 4 episode 1, which it definately is, … Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3d is amazing! Beautiful and so so sexy

Somewhere in the late 80’s, me and my brother were in Boots (a retail outlet in Eastbourne), in the back corner there where some NES games amongst others, one of these NES games had a gold cartridge and a little … Continue reading

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Kinect SDK Beta is here, and i’ve already played, short tutorial for basics

well it’s the eve of “zelda: ocarina of time” to be released on the 3ds, and Microsoft finally released the Kinect SDK beta, totally unrelated i know, but just to get the context of time here. GMT that is, as … Continue reading

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C.A.O.S Sega Ad Tomfoolery Ahoy!

Hot news just in from Christmas ’93 now as we don our retrospective glasses of Grig once more, leaving behind all the modern day gaming-tomfoolery and letting it wallow in it’s quagmire of deserved woe! Prompted by a recent stumbling … Continue reading

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The main E3 conference press events from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, and UbiSoft

The big main press conferences are up on game trailers, there is also the IGN verison that look like the same feed but they are on youtube, so which ever version suits you. Youtube versions are listed last Microsoft E3 … Continue reading

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