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Pixels huh

We love pixelly goodness here at the GRiG, but what about in the movies? Well wreck it Ralph had some, but was mostly hi res 3d models, it was about the arcade world though, paying homage to the good old … Continue reading

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Just sharing the pain

Surprisingly upsetting…

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Sega have new hardware!

Griggy Ramirez! Welcome one and all to another exciting adventure in the realm of Segadom, delving into the former gaming behemoths wonderful ways and bringing our findings to the baying masses of the Griggish Empire! This time, we cast our … Continue reading

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E.T Found!

Huh. So it turns out that the whole Atari burying a gazillion E.T cartridges in the desert thing was true. One of the E.T cartridges exhumed from its sandy grave after 30 years in the New Mexico desert. This is … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Naka’d

You know what’s crap? Using a public urinal and looking down only to discover the string ties for your joggers draped haphazardly in the bowl soaking up several dozen other men’s urine. You know what else is crap? Yuji Naka … Continue reading

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Surprising Thursday…

Surprising Thursday has to begin with the revelation that I’m actually writing this on Friday morning. Surprise! (But it’s still Thursday night really – you know that weird zone at 3am when you’re not sure?) Anyway, onto more pressing matters. … Continue reading

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Happy Frickin Birthday!

Well I never – the Game Boy is 25 years old today! (Japanese release date). Game Man? Too gay. And for all you fact hunters, here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the matter: The Game Boy was released in … Continue reading

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The Downside of Retro

Guffaw! Oh how we moaned at expansion packs and memory cards over the years – but how blessed we were. Just enough memory to save a few nudey pics or two of your favourite S Club 7 mp3’s would have … Continue reading

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On the trail of Streets of Rage 4

Grigori(g) Rasputin! Think I used that one before… Ah, a lovely day off. What shall I do? The suns shining, the birds are singing, and there’s excitement in the air! Best stay inside with the curtains closed and write some … Continue reading

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Cosplay model in upside down proton pack shame!

We all love Ghostbusters here at Grig Orig, so what better combination could there be than Ghostbusters + nice women? None, that’s what. But wait, what’s this? No. No, absolutely not. Crossing the streams is one thing, but wearing an … Continue reading

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