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Everything in one big rolling beauty, was gonna be an option to put posts on the homepage, but naything not in quirks ahould go on to the home page anyway

The best hairpin of my life on a rubbish practice run

Title says it all really other than we are talking Sega Rally on the SEGA Saturn, running 60hz Japanese version of the game

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6 Things Sega Rally Reveals After Playing Obsessively for Two Months

The GRiGaroons have been hitting Rally hard in the past two months. We’re time attacking the Championship mode in a borderline obsessive frenzy (for me at least) and it’s taken us places. Profound places. Because when you go this deep … Continue reading

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On the Hunt For R.O.B and Kelly LeBrock

We’ll admit, when we first read that Qualia – The Path of Promise was about a fella taking home a new robot and falling in love with it, we obviously assumed it was a game about ROB. Falling for this … Continue reading

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Rignall Proves He’s Still A Mean Machine

Twitter’s most important purpose is to remind you that culture is made by real people. And never is that more useful than in the retro scene. Often our community’s social media content can be navel gazing, rehashed appreciation posts and … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider tomfoolery abound!

So what with the recent return of the Grigish Empire, I thought I’d better get my act together and pick up my quill once more! In fact, this is my second crack of the whip after I did a post … Continue reading

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Rhythm City Challenges Our Spelling As Well As Our Conceptions of How To Engage with Music and Culture

To Roblox now, and yet another affront to my old man notions of what culture should look like. Because those crazy loons over at Warner Music Group have decided to do away with RECORDS, and forget all about TAPES, and … Continue reading

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Vega To Join Street Fighter 6 in Super Smackdown Shocker!

I’ve always said it: the one thing missing from Street Fighter is live commentary from a lady wrestler. So! Imagine my joy to find that Capcom are once again listening to the fan community and, when SF6 hits our shelves … Continue reading

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New Warning for Retro CRT Fans

I Can CRT Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone Retro fans were left reeling today after news broke that CRT’s are “bloody massive”. Reports flooded in from about 1400 GMT that old style tellies were “about twice as big as … Continue reading

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Sega Rally Shenanigans at GRiG Towers

Howdy SEGA fans! How’s the most depressing month of the year treating ya? Are you face-down in a pool of your own self-loathing? Knee-deep in a dung-pile of your own ennui? Us too! And why are we so painfully depressed … Continue reading

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Mega Drive Mini 2 Unboxing Shenanigans Abound!

Well, I wasn’t supposed to be buying any gaming paraphernalia until well after Christmas, but it’s not every day Sega actually put out a new gizmo! And while the wait is on for a proper successor to Dreamcast, there was … Continue reading

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