Sonic’s Overweight Cousin


Now here’s an interesting one. Of course, we all remember Rocket Knight Adventures, and that it was a quality title. But I don’t remember it as being a stone cold classic (because actually, I can’t even remember what it’s like to play – just that it’s good. you had it right jimmy numb-ers?) And I actually kinda remember thinking it was a bit of a B-title – sure, very good, worthy member of the collection, but not a flagship brand. Not something to rave about.

Partly that’s as it looks like someone started with a brief to make another Sonic, got a bit desperate and drew a fat armadillo. And partly just as everything outside Sonic and Mario tended to fall into the Bubsy the Bobcat category – playable, but not classic. Rayman, Ristar, Crash Bandicoot – all playable games, but all a bit Pepsi to Sonic’s Coke. Secondary. Lesser. Filler.

All of which makes the comments on this here advert quite surprising. Because sure, journos exaggerate to get quoted – but these are some high falootin’ compliments, and no mistake. Certainly makes me wonder if this was really A-list. Ahead of those other also-rans, certainly. And definitely, makes me wanna play this sucker big time.

But priorities… Get a new Megadrive first. Then this. Project!

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