Sonic’s Overweight Cousin


Now here’s an interesting one. Of course, we all remember Rocket Knight Adventures, and that it was a quality title. But I don’t remember it as being a stone cold classic (because actually, I can’t even remember what it’s like to play – just that it’s good. you had it right jimmy numb-ers?) And I actually kinda remember thinking it was a bit of a B-title – sure, very good, worthy member of the collection, but not a flagship brand. Not something to rave about.

Partly that’s as it looks like someone started with a brief to make another Sonic, got a bit desperate and drew a fat armadillo. And partly just as everything outside Sonic and Mario tended to fall into the Bubsy the Bobcat category – playable, but not classic. Rayman, Ristar, Crash Bandicoot – all playable games, but all a bit Pepsi to Sonic’s Coke. Secondary. Lesser. Filler.

All of which makes the comments on this here advert quite surprising. Because sure, journos exaggerate to get quoted – but these are some high falootin’ compliments, and no mistake. Certainly makes me wonder if this was really A-list. Ahead of those other also-rans, certainly. And definitely, makes me wanna play this sucker big time.

But priorities… Get a new Megadrive first. Then this. Project!

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2 Responses to Sonic’s Overweight Cousin

  1. Dibbs says:

    It’s funny, I wheeled this one out just two days ago while me and lartens were having a retro eve (beat sonic 1 on master system, sonic 2 on Megadrive, and failed to beat castle of illusion, but we won’t go into that).

    This was certainly not in the same bracket as those other pretenders you mentioned, it’s a freakin’ awesome game, still now I play quite regularly. They were certainly going for that mascot character kinda thing, but its not really like Sonic, although it is quite fast with the jet pack which is super fun!

    My memory of it was that SNES got Pop n’ Twinbee Rainbowbell Adventures, while Megadrive got Rocket Knight, both from Konami around the same time and kinda used the same flying/jet pack mechanics. They are very different games though, both awesome in their own right.

    ‘Twas good as well as Rocket Knight got two good sequels with different versions of Sparkster on MD and SNES (I remember me and Danny rented the SNES one and beat it), so it was like 3 games.

    There’s also an XBLA reboot that’s pretty good too. I was pleasantly surprised that it got made, never thought I’d see Sparkster hit the skies again!

  2. lartens says:

    this totally confused me, I thought Dibbs posted it because he played it Monday, and I was like he sounds very Benny. It is Benny. What the GRiG. spooky

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