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The best hairpin of my life on a rubbish practice run

Title says it all really other than we are talking Sega Rally on the SEGA Saturn, running 60hz Japanese version of the game

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6 Things Sega Rally Reveals After Playing Obsessively for Two Months

The GRiGaroons have been hitting Rally hard in the past two months. We’re time attacking the Championship mode in a borderline obsessive frenzy (for me at least) and it’s taken us places. Profound places. Because when you go this deep … Continue reading

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Not exactly Skynet, but still…

Sometimes I wonder where I even was during the 90s… I’ve heard about Netlink since, but I don’t remember it at all from the time. Did it come out in the UK?

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Metroid Mystery

Y’know, I don’t remember ever playing any of the Metroid series. Seems weird to have missed out the whole of such a big franchise – especially when there wasn’t a huge range of such big names back in the SNES … Continue reading

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Game Players magazine?

Do you remember ever seeing this sonofa? Some guy’s posting scans from it – and I’d think was just American or something except he’s also posting loads stuff from Mean Machines too. Maybe it’s just my lameass memory again. Speaking … Continue reading

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The late nineties were the best for video games

The Grigonians have been gaming since the early Eighties, when video games consoles had the games built in and we used paddles with twisty nobs to make a rectangle move up and down to colide with a square, beautiful. And … Continue reading

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Guardian Heroes is live folks, 800 MS points, go get some

It’s here grigs and grigesses, Developer Treasure’s Sega Saturn beauty “Guardian Heroes” ready for your downloading pleasure on XBOX Live Arcade, as the title says its 800 Microsoft points, which in real money is however good a deal you got … Continue reading

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I Need A Heroes (Update)

Oh the joy! The unadulterated joy! Not only so we get the lovely news about Sonic CD, but we also get a brand-spankers Guardian Heroes vid and the news that the XBLA-port of the 1996 Saturn classic will be with … Continue reading

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Hey Heroes! Guard Ian, Will Ya?

That’s right! Wonderful puns abound as Sega’s endless rehash continues – next up for an XBLA spit and polish: Guardian Heroes, the Saturn’s original orgy of anime-parallax loveliness. Of course, you’ll know already about the online twitterati going nuts regarding … Continue reading

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Guardian heroes HD heading to XBLA

Okay so we’re about 10 hours behind all the major video game websites out there, but with a database assignment ending at midnight this is the earliest i got to the feeds, the most interesting of which was from http://thesegasource.wordpress.com/ … Continue reading

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