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6 Things Sega Rally Reveals After Playing Obsessively for Two Months

The GRiGaroons have been hitting Rally hard in the past two months. We’re time attacking the Championship mode in a borderline obsessive frenzy (for me at least) and it’s taken us places. Profound places. Because when you go this deep … Continue reading

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Some Sega Rally?

Grig-mongers! So Dibbs of the Grig Gaming is racing forth at full steam, throwing out content like it’s going out of fashion… which technically it is coz it’s mostly retro. Or is that now officially cool and in fashion right … Continue reading

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Sega Rally/slow news day abound!

Woo! What a hype Evo, huh?! Yeah, I was asleep for the final here in stupid England… but at least Kayo Police was looking good cosplaying as Viper, huh?! What do you mean she’ll probably main Poison in SFxTekken? I … Continue reading

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Sega Rally – Online Now!

Aye, not much more to say Rally-fans – just a quick post in case you didn’t know that this little beaut is now available on XBLA and PSN. Oh, and of course to let you feast your lovely eyes on … Continue reading

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Sega Rally Online confirmed!

http://www.computerandvideogames.com/286439/news/sega-rally-online-arcade-revealed-screenshots/ Woo hoo! Not that it’s the original – bah!

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