Metroid Mystery


Y’know, I don’t remember ever playing any of the Metroid series. Seems weird to have missed out the whole of such a big franchise – especially when there wasn’t a huge range of such big names back in the SNES days. I seem to remember being vaguely put off by associations to the NES version – Zelda and Mario pulled it off as they looked all new, but this still looked a bit grubby. You played it much?

But then, I was reading a thing about the games that defined certain consoles (quite good actually, I’ll have to post it somewhen). I’d played nearly all of the Saturn and Dreamcast ones, but hardly any of the Megadrive ones. What’s that all about?!

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  1. Dibbs says:

    Oof! Another Grig grinder, this one! I had my eye on a big box collectors edition copy of this for £20 in 95/96ish, but like I mug I used the moola on B&H’s finest bad boys. Never saw it again. Griganomitry!

    Played the original a bit on NES at Purnel’s which was pretty good. Never got to play this one though, except on emulators which just isn’t the same. Gotta be legit! Mind you, i do struggle with even playing PS1 games if they’re the Platinum version. Something just dont sit right with me about that, even though the games are the same. When I’m playing them its like theres a voice continually saying ‘Its the Platinum version’ in my head over and over. Ok, getting in to phychotic territory here, best move on.

    I know what you mean about the grubbiness though. Just the colours have a bit of an off putting thing going on. Still, ’tis indeed heralded as a staple SNES game. I’ll be interested to see the article you read if you post it.

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