Game Players magazine?


Do you remember ever seeing this sonofa? Some guy’s posting scans from it – and I’d think was just American or something except he’s also posting loads stuff from Mean Machines too. Maybe it’s just my lameass memory again.

Speaking of which (Mean Machines and my lameass memory – would it amaze anyone else that Mean Machines Sega was still going when the Saturn was out? I mean, even as i write that it seems kinda obvious so i’d guess it will to you too – but i just saw one of his scans with a front cover (Judge Dredd) of MMS that has Saturn, 32X and Megadrive in one place. So what’s weird for me is that Saturn and Megadrive stuff was being released at the same time… In my head they’re like totally different eras. The hell?!

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  1. Dibbs says:

    I remember Mean Machines Sega and Sega Magazine coexisting coz they used to release two weeks apart which took away the pain from having to wait an entire month for the EMAP/Sega goodness. Still, didnt take Steve Merritt too long to negate the coolness by running MMS into the ground, but it was nice for a while.
    You know, I do remember one weird occurance of the Merrett era where MMS didn’t release until like a week and a half after it was due, and when it did launch, there were all these comments in it about how they’d managed to get the issue out despite people trying to wreck things or something. I always wondered what that was all about. Seem to remember the issue was quite late on and had some red robot on the front, possibly Rise of the Robots. I’d like to know.
    I don’t remember Game Players either by the way. There was a lot of crap that had a crack at video game magazinery that didn’t last too long. I’m guessing its one of them.

  2. Dibbs says:

    Actually on closer inspection, I think you’re right about that magazine being American. It’s got Final Fantasy 3 on the cover, which was actually the American renumbering of Final Fantasy VI, and never came out over here.
    Didn’t stop me from getting it though, and mighty fine it is too!

    • bedgell says:

      Hehe woah that is some good old fashioned computer games magazine based detective work! That was a harder spot that my murder she wrote puzzle where you had to spot that murderer was American because of how she spelled Barbara in a letter and somehow that made her a killer. (Yeah, I don’t know what the hell that was all about either…)

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