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The best hairpin of my life on a rubbish practice run

Title says it all really other than we are talking Sega Rally on the SEGA Saturn, running 60hz Japanese version of the game

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Daytona USA as it should be, out now XBLA

Daytona on an XBOX 360 is awesome, it looks a lot sharper than the saturn version, doesn’t suffer the bad pop ups or clipping, but still has that daytona look, unlike the Dreamcast updated version that looked slightly weird, still … Continue reading

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Minecraft 1.9 pre 5 is up for download for the impatient

What up minecraftalonians, if you’re one of those who likes to take a sneak peak at whats new, then you maye be intereseted in tehis here link http://assets.minecraft.net/1_9-pre5/minecraft.jar which will be the latest build for hardcore fans to test out, … Continue reading

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Cheap lazy roundup 23/10/2011

Well folks it’s been over a week and nobody had any grigging time to blog for you, so here’s the quick fire round of whats been and whats coming, are you ready, here we go. Batman Arkham City is out … Continue reading

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Supermodel3 is the sexiest super model of them all

It’s been promised for the majority of this year, but now it has finally happened, the model 3 board emulator supermodel 3 has sound, not only that, but it accepts a range of peripheral devices for input too. Xbox controllers … Continue reading

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Pre releasing the pre-release, Minecraft’s new distribution model, or so it seems, lol

Hey there Minecraft fans, it may interest you to know that minecraft has been going through a phase of late where the new updates are first pre released to the hardcore fans before being added to the automatic download. What … Continue reading

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Going, going, going onLive!

Yeah that was suppose to be opening chant or whatever to the morning kids tv show way back when with Philip Schofield and Sarah Green, oh and don’t forget Gordon the Gopher hehe. But seriously folks, the online streaming game … Continue reading

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Dozens of top end games released in a 3 month window, which to get?

We’ve already seen Driver san Francisco and Dead Island released this month, as well as some cool XBLA titles such as Radiant Silvergun and Gunstringer which is apparently really good, i downloaded the free soundtrack and have enjoyed that, go … Continue reading

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Don’t rain on my snow baby, minecraft 1.8 is out, for reals

It’s finally happened the adventure update is out, or at least most of it, there are still features that need to be implemented, but so far i’ve met an enderman as pictured above, shortly before a spider killed me, a … Continue reading

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Oh son of a motherless goat, My Japanese Coach is on IOS

Hardly news worthy i know, but if there’s one DS title worth having its My Japanese Coach, a great tool for learning japanese, and to get it on the DS, especially 3DS as it doesn’t run R4 cards, you have … Continue reading

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