Guardian heroes HD heading to XBLA

japanese gaurdian heroes box cover for sega saturnOkay so we’re about 10 hours behind all the major video game websites out there, but with a database assignment ending at midnight this is the earliest i got to the feeds, the most interesting of which was from which alerted us to a classic saturn game being remastered for hd goodness on the xbox live arcade in the fall of 2011. Guardian Heroes is one that none of us at grigorig currently have in their arsenal of retro weapons, though an associated groon did have it back in the day and it was a unique mix of rpg action adventuring beat em ups, with a choice of character wielding swords and throwing magic.

This is great news, as you may know this is a rare beauty on the bay, there’s currently one with 2 days left at £30, though not as extravagantly priced as other saturn classics like panzer dragoon saga, we all know it’s worth the £100 price tag though. Guardian heroes will have online multi player for co-op and 12 player battles. This means lartens and the benny can play some co-op classic beauts, old school.

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2 Responses to Guardian heroes HD heading to XBLA

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Woo! This is good news indeed! Even better since Sega have said you can turn off the nasty looking filter they’re using on the screen grabs so far – hd remake my foot! Still, can’t wait to try this badboy arcade stick stylee. Hopefully this is the start of the Saturn onslaught on XBLA – Nights please!

  2. lartens says:

    i’ve got one of the nights fan twitters on my feed, havent had anything from them in months and suddenly there’s an onslought of excitement has they’re hoping to genereate some buzz to get nights into dreams ported, which would be good if the ontroller suited it, that said, i would pay good money if a company made a special pad to feel like the saturn but play on xbox and pc.

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