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The best hairpin of my life on a rubbish practice run

Title says it all really other than we are talking Sega Rally on the SEGA Saturn, running 60hz Japanese version of the game

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E.T Interplanetary Mission Review

Ok, so since Bedgell has been such a good Grig-monger today, thought i’d better get in on the Grig action by rolling out another review of complete irrelevance. Let’s go! E.T Interplanetary Mission – PS1 Review When you talk about … Continue reading

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The Great Gianna Sisters Review. Very late. Like, 1987 late.

Good day my Grigglings! Next up from the 2013 left overs from Heir Ahoy is a 1987 bad boy that got a fine playin’ when I was a kid. It’s a retro review of a retro game, which means for … Continue reading

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Kickstarter coolness ahoy!

Grigori(g) Rasputin! So here’s another of my previously scribed offerings from back in September 2013 when I was particularly looking forward to several Kickstarter projects that were in the pipeline. I believe of the games I talk about, one, namely … Continue reading

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Dibbs Ahoys pre-top 5 games ponder-a-thon.

Whassup my obsequious purveyors of the establishment of the kingdom of Grig? And welcome to my pre-top 5 desert island games. This is a very serious matter that I will not be taking lightly, so much like Bedgells selection, its … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider Review… slightly behind schedule.

Note: This is the first of many things I wrote for Grig and never got around to actually publishing. The reviews I’ve done are going to be a pretty random smattering of games, but are just things I somehow ended … Continue reading

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Dibbs Ahoy reporting for duty!

The Grig is back? Well then I’d better stand up to bat! Well, I think one of the first things I’ll do is have a li’l meander through the current gaming news and give the Griggish touch to the latest … Continue reading

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The late nineties were the best for video games

The Grigonians have been gaming since the early Eighties, when video games consoles had the games built in and we used paddles with twisty nobs to make a rectangle move up and down to colide with a square, beautiful. And … Continue reading

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Ludum Dare 23 is kicking off with Tiny World, oh

Here in the UK the time has just struck 02:00 and the gauntlet is down, Ludum Dare #23 a 10 year aniversary has started with the theme “Tiny World” and now i’m stumped, hmmm what to do? For those un … Continue reading

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Are video games art?

We pose the question because this week saw both the BAFTA video game awards, and the opening of the The Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Lets start off with a hearty congratulations to our … Continue reading

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