Hey Heroes! Guard Ian, Will Ya?

That’s right! Wonderful puns abound as Sega’s endless rehash continues – next up for an XBLA spit and polish: Guardian Heroes, the Saturn’s original orgy of anime-parallax loveliness.

Of course, you’ll know already about the online twitterati going nuts regarding Guardian‘s HD-ification – all those lovely Saturn pixelations LOST! All that quirky sprite rendering TARTED UP! Yes, yes, it’s a tragedy – but don’t lose heart dear children. The music, the backgrounds, the voices – and of course, the gameplay – are all completely intact. (And, whisper it, SEGA have apparently included an option to turn off the HD anyway… Apparently all due to pressure from the Grig. Even multinationals don’t mess with Him, you see…) So wipe those tears – because this is a certified gem, and bringing it back can only be a good thing. Huzzah!

(And Lartens and the dibbs might hate this being on our blog but, er, I quite like the HD… *runs and hides under a pile of remastered Star Wars DVDs* …)

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I dare say the filtered graphics look better in motion than they do in screen shots so that’s good. But added gloss aside, this looks like it could be a beaut even after all these years – arcade sticks at the ready!

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