The late nineties were the best for video games

The Grigonians have been gaming since the early Eighties, when video games consoles had the games built in and we used paddles with twisty nobs to make a rectangle move up and down to colide with a square, beautiful.

And although current gen gaming is squeezing all it can out of 7 year old hardware with hi resolution graphics and serious physics, the best era of gaming was definitely the late nineties, gameplay was fun and at time innovative, graphics were grainy by todays standards but had style, there weren’t too many that you didn’t know which ones to get or struggle to find time to play them, they were just right.

All this was before the boom in internet media, sure there was internet, but you had to pay by time rather than subscribe, it wasn’t the information rich environment we know today, its was Alta vista searching for the pink power ranger nude days, where images appear on the screen but a few lines of pixels at a time.

Where am i going with this? well it’s SEGA Saturn Nostalgia time, the greatest console ever (disclaimer, subject to opinion). A console with Daytona, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon Saga, NiGHTS into Dreams, street fighter alpha with the best gaming pads (that NO console has come close to since). There is more but those are the crowning glories (if thats even a phrase? see,s weird).

Dedicated SEGA bloggers over at today posted a youtube find thats been on there since 2009 but shows off three and a half minutes of the Tokyo Game Show 1996, just seeing all the NiGHTS into Dreams stuff has spurred this post, and to share with you the loyal grig follower, and dibbs when i point him to it at Wednesdays Tesco breakfast. Why did they ruin the game mechanics of NiGHTS on the WII, soo stupid. As always check out the fans site

Check it out.

Also check this bad boy out as posted on of some VHS cassette from 1997 with a bunch of Saturn adverts

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