Supermodel3 is the sexiest super model of them all

It’s been promised for the majority of this year, but now it has finally happened, the model 3 board emulator supermodel 3 has sound, not only that, but it accepts a range of peripheral devices for input too. Xbox controllers are a go, unfortunately i still couldn’t complete the 2nd track, doh! so the keyboard controls weren’t to blame, nether the less, i’m far more confortable with a controller, though it does open up the possibility for a steering wheel and pedals solution to enter the fray, obviously i tried out Daytona 2 on it, which still run pretty good, a little slow down under the boat and a couple of other places but mostly good, though the sound quality wasn’t great, at least its there for feedback and some semblance of a tune.

The official site for supermodel 3 has been moved from to in honour of its 2.0a release. You will find downloads for windows 32/64 bit programs, and the src code which you can compile for windows, mac (intel) and linux if you know how, i can’t remember the exact steps for mac, but it required installing some dependency libraries like sdl and zlib, sdl you can download the dmg and unpack the sdl framework to your macs Library/Frameworks folder, the readme explains this, the zlib moving the make file for the target OS and renaming it simply makefile in the root directory, the one with the src folder in it, and using the terminal to go to the location and typing makefile. after it has compiled the supermodel file to run should be in the bin directory, copy paste it into the root so you can save the config file, leaving it in the root causes an error becuase of the config file path, though alternatively you could put the config folder in the bin instead i guess. anyway, if the supermodel file is in the root where your terminal should already be anyway you run ./supermodel -config-inputs to configure inputs, with the emu window as the active window you press enter then the key you want to assign for the control, to skip any controls just press down, to go back up press up, once you have the ones you want then just keep pressing down to skip the other peripherals. just running ./supermodel should give you a list of the parametrs you can use for it

To get a game started, i generally run “./supermodel -show-fps -res=700, 904” without the quotes. If like me you started with coin 1 as number 1 when doing your control config, and worked you way along, that means 7 should be inputTestA, this is important to know for some service menus on daytona, then use 5 or 6 to move down the list and 7 again to select game assignments, then cabinet type single. That should be that set up.

Bare in mind that i found osx to perform less than the windows version.

There’s actually a download for the osx version now, you don’t have to compile the src after all, hurrah

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  1. Just some guy says:

    I can´t get my wheel pedals to work here… when configuring inputs,, it says.. “accelerate pedal”. I press enter to select than one.. the program waits for me to press some button… I press my gas pedal and nothing happens… I know it works, but the emulator won´t recognize it. Tried everything without succes so far

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