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Daytona USA as it should be, out now XBLA

Daytona on an XBOX 360 is awesome, it looks a lot sharper than the saturn version, doesn’t suffer the bad pop ups or clipping, but still has that daytona look, unlike the Dreamcast updated version that looked slightly weird, still … Continue reading

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Supermodel3 is the sexiest super model of them all

It’s been promised for the majority of this year, but now it has finally happened, the model 3 board emulator supermodel 3 has sound, not only that, but it accepts a range of peripheral devices for input too. Xbox controllers … Continue reading

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Blue Skies Incoming?

So where were we? Oh yeah. Coming like a bolt out of those Sega blue blue skies comes an intriguing listing on the Australian Classification Database starring the one, the only, Daytona USA! Having broken many a games cover long … Continue reading

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Sega Rally – Online Now!

Aye, not much more to say Rally-fans – just a quick post in case you didn’t know that this little beaut is now available on XBLA and PSN. Oh, and of course to let you feast your lovely eyes on … Continue reading

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Alcohol Arcade Lacks "In-Pants" Option

Behold The Gamerator! The custom-built arcade beaut that could finally persuade the girlfriend to have games in the kitchen… Because this sucker not only packs an in-built arcade, pre-loaded with classic titles from Street Fighter 2 (hurrah!) to Castlevania (huzzah!), … Continue reading

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