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Ubisoft Driver Their Fans Nuts With Mixed Messages

It’s a bizarre world. Just weeks after Ubisoft hacked off PC Driver fans by refusing to fully drop their horrendous DRM system from the release of Driver San Francisco, they go and release a load of freebie online content for … Continue reading

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Oh son of a motherless goat, My Japanese Coach is on IOS

Hardly news worthy i know, but if there’s one DS title worth having its My Japanese Coach, a great tool for learning japanese, and to get it on the DS, especially 3DS as it doesn’t run R4 cards, you have … Continue reading

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Driver San Francisco Demo is live and kicking

Check out that jackass, that’s what they say, classic stuff. They said the new Driver handles like the old driver, with the big heavy American muscle cars, and it does, i’m impressed, i’m thinking the single player is going to … Continue reading

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