Going, going, going onLive!

onLive first game a pund ad
Yeah that was suppose to be opening chant or whatever to the morning kids tv show way back when with Philip Schofield and Sarah Green, oh and don’t forget Gordon the Gopher hehe. But seriously folks, the online streaming game service onLive has started in the UK, and the first game is One Windle Poonds apparently, that’s £1 GBP for the sane. I tried the service out a little earlier, and it wasn’t half bad, i’m thinking i’m mostly going to use it for testing trials.

When i played earlier i tried Dirt 3, and it played fairly well, though i was on the setting where you just hold the throttle and steer, the game does all the rest automatically. One thing to note though, is that it was really choppy when using wireless network, but when i plugged in the ethernet and restarted the service it was much better and pretty playable, though if something needed serious timing like street fighter i doubt it would work. although the requirements are at least 1mb broadband speed, i noticed on my main desktop that it was using 670KB per second, which is something like 5mb. The good new though, is that these high power games can run on low powered hardware, i tried it with my old macbook which has a core 2 duo processor and an intel x3100 onboard graphics, i think, which isn’t good, it can just about manage worms and nothing else. But with the power of gaming being at the onLive end, all my graphics card need to do is be able to render the compressed video onLive sends me, and that it can do, just.

a screen shot after the break

Dirt 3 screen shot on onlive
Dirt 3 screenshot on onlive

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  1. bedgell says:

    Funny, I also ended up trialling dirt 3 – guess it’s a good game for just picking up. Gotta say, was surprisingly impressed with OnLive. Bit blurry resolution, ad I’d be interested to see how the load times compare to an installed version, but there was nothing really frustrating – just found a game and started playing. Now I just need to choose me a game to pick up for a quid – that’s just too good an offer to refuse. Tho I don’t wanna sign up for monthly pass or leave them with my bank details – suspect in gonna have to do one of those…

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