Daytona USA as it should be, out now XBLA

Daytona on an XBOX 360 is awesome, it looks a lot sharper than the saturn version, doesn’t suffer the bad pop ups or clipping, but still has that daytona look, unlike the Dreamcast updated version that looked slightly weird, still good though. This version is classic arcade version done well, and seems to play true, i’m a bit rusty but it’s good, thank you Sega. Now comission the same thing but for Sega Rally and Nights into dreams and i’m set.

Daytona USA is available on XBOX 360 and PS3 in selected regions, the XBOX version is 800 Microsfot points, which is an absolute barg if you ask me, its far better than many racers out there today (maybe i’ve my retro goggles on), it may not have 50 tracks and a hundred cars buts it’s what a game should be, fun, well designed and look great. Of course if you like that crashing bs in burnout or simulation drivers then this isn’t for you. This game is retro arcade style at its best.

Online mode seemed a bit scarce on the first day, but is improving, the ability to play against 8 human players over the internet is great fun, with plenty of options, including cpu controlled cars, mirrored and reversed tracks etc. The real beauty of a few select tracks are that you can really hone your skill at them instead of being adequate on a large number of tracks. Maybe that’s just me being lazy. But i love this game, i sick now, but it’s all about the perfect powerslide and shaving them valuable seconds off the time trial, tip: slam from 4th gear into 2nd then either back to fourth or 3 depending on your needs, you can’t go sequentially, it has to be direct.

The single player modes bring endurance racing into the mix as it did on the saturn, plus there are some challenges to complete, some of which pretty much teach you how you can corner and almost force you to learn how to corner at speed, and the classic boost start, well actually it doesn’t tell you how to do it, it just makes you try until you get it right, basically rev in the mid yellow while holding brake, then when the lights go green drop the brake and go go go ^_^.

if this was a proper review and not me rambling, i would give this a 9/10, i drop the point just because it forces you to use analog controls for steering brake and reverse, also i actually like the other track in the CCE version that came out on the saturn, they would of made a nice extra, infact, that would be one of the few times i would happily pay for dlc.

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