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Grrrrr xcode 4.2 woes

Recently i started a new job where i have to learn to develop iPhone apps, which is pretty cool and interesting, better than android too. But just recently we’ve updated to xcode 4.2, and here lies a few problems, i … Continue reading

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Ten, Ten, Here We Go Again… Sonic CD!

Well my mighty groons, there was nothing but joy at Grig Towers when we heard the news that Sonic CD is getting a re-release! Of course, that won’t be news to all the wonderful retro-fans out there – but how … Continue reading

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Oh son of a motherless goat, My Japanese Coach is on IOS

Hardly news worthy i know, but if there’s one DS title worth having its My Japanese Coach, a great tool for learning japanese, and to get it on the DS, especially 3DS as it doesn’t run R4 cards, you have … Continue reading

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Google plus slaps ipod touch in the face with a wet kipper

****update**** Nevermind the rest below, the google+ app is now compatible with the ipod touch and the ipad. 🙂 Ok it was late, like 2:30 in the morning and the google+ app i downloaded through itunes (pc) just wouldnt install … Continue reading

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How do you like those apples

Hands up if you own at least one apple product, come on, you must have one, even if its that ipod mini with 4GB disk space that you put in that draw you forgot about. So many of us are … Continue reading

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