Cheap lazy roundup 23/10/2011

Well folks it’s been over a week and nobody had any grigging time to blog for you, so here’s the quick fire round of whats been and whats coming, are you ready, here we go.
batman Arkham City Collectors boxset
Batman Arkham City is out and its fantastic, no excuses go buy, unless you on PC, then you’ll have to wait until the 8th. Also included in a new copy of the game is dlc for Catwoman, who has great ass physics and is just as fun to control and beat up enemies with as the bat. Couldn’t find any mention on how to get the soundtrack download that i supposedly have acces to with the collectors edition. oh well, there was plenty of other goodies, including a few episodes on dvd of the Batman anime, the statue of course, and the book with some great concept art, and Sefton Hill (Game director, ROcksteady Studio) even quotes the iconic Ferris Bueller movie with “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” and how that could relate to game development. Either way hats off to quoting a great John Hughs Movie.

Sonic Generation Demo is out with the 3D type level added, as in not 2d side scroll, though it apparently is also in 3D as in the technology and not just the environment. There also news that the original sonic can be unlocked in the full game, though not known how just yet. North America sees the game released on the 1st of November, whereas the Grigs in the UK and Europe have to wait 3 extra days for its release on the 4th. the 3DS version with a lot of exclusive content will be later on the 25th.

Blizzcon was on this weekend announcing an annual pass for World of Warcraft that will come with free diablo 3, though there are some terms there, i think one of them is that you had to have a registered full version of WOW prior to 18th october. So this is for those who are already fans of WOW. You also need to be above the age of 18 and have a valid credit card. Not sure what the price is of the annual pass, but the current per month model is something like $15. I usually get the 60 day card from amazon for £15 and activate when i think i’m gonna have time to play. As you only get teh digital download of diablo 3, true fans of the series might want to hold of on the pass deal and get the retail version of diablo 3 that will have a lovely collectors edition with extra goodies.

Also WOW related announced at Blizzcon was the Mists of Pandaria Expansion pack that introdices a new race of Panda and a new class of monk, it looks really nice. Though expansion pack work in that you have to have the previous one. Burning Crusade comes with WOW in the chest package, then theres Wrath of the Lich King, and last year Cataclysm.

Portal 2 received ultimate game of the year at the Golden Joystick awards. Well deserved too, a fantastic humorous puzzle game.

Upcoming. Don’t forget Daytona coming to XBLA on the 26th. This is the bad boy to be excited for. Amazon seem to be out of the Wireless Steering wheels though. Unfortunately most wheels have sequencial gear shifting and not the 4 speed shift that the original arcade had, which according to Dibbs is crucial for the satisfying way to power slide the corners. If you’re in the brighton area though the you know that there is a 4 player arcade of Daytona in one of the arcades, or at least there was last year on bedgells stag. Best moment of the night.

Last but not least i also saw Driver san fran for £25 in Tesco, not bad i thought. Again work constraints and having to keep up with tech and science news has held back actual game playing lately. Damn careers.

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