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Cheap lazy roundup 23/10/2011

Well folks it’s been over a week and nobody had any grigging time to blog for you, so here’s the quick fire round of whats been and whats coming, are you ready, here we go. Batman Arkham City is out … Continue reading

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Dodgy Conversion? Bane of Our Lives

Childhood heroes are sacrosanct. From the best Transformer to the hottest kids’ TV presenter (you can keep Fearne Cotton, Dibbs, I’m having me that one off of Newsround…), the greatest ascend into myth, the worst into oft-remembered mirth. Either way, … Continue reading

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Finish Him! Online Pass Fatality for Mortal Kombat?

Warner Bros are sliding into the morasse that is the Online Pass Rip-Off with their upcoming release of Mortal Kombat. The successful publishing house looks set to join uber-rip-off merchants EA and THQ by limiting access to bundled content by … Continue reading

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Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

Well, the fun just keeps on coming. The new Batman game is looking like a peach – Batman: Arkham City has tranferred all of Gotham’s loons into a brand-spankers new complex that sprawls across the city like a big fat … Continue reading

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Holy Release Date, Groonman!

Strap on your utility-belts, cape-fans – Batman: Arkham City is now equipped with a launch date. UK Xbox 360, PS3 and PC will all get this handsome little gem on October 21st. And to keep you drooling til then, we’ve … Continue reading

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Batman’s Arkham – Autumn Release and New Comic

Like Rihanna and her outfit from the latest Kanye West video, two excellent and beautiful things are about to come together. Batman is going back to comics, and he’s taking the Arkham video game franchise with him in a six-part … Continue reading

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