Ni No Kuni IN ENGLISH! (Sort of…)

Hurrah for bokuwaiaindesu, who has given us our first glimpse of a translated Ni No Kuni with this subtitled trailer. While the quality of the video isn’t fantastic, it’s great to understand more of Level 5’s plans for their wonderful Ghibli world. And now we know that that includes:

* Real time 3D animation – confirmation that those beautifully rendered Ghibli characters are all in-game renders
* A huge world map to explore
* A simple battle system – but one incorporating both attack and defence tactical gameplay
* That the little lantern-nose guy occasionally goes a bit mental

Over on Facebook, our Campaign for A Ni No Kuni English Language Release goes from strength to strength – if you’ve not already signed up, come and tell Level 5 how much you want to get their PS3 gem released outside Japan. After all, now you’ve got a little taster of what it would be like!

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